13th CiDER Seminar

- ONLINE Seminar -

25th July(Thu),2024 9:00am~10:00am(JST)


"Follicular T cell differentiation and control of
antibody-mediated diseases”

Dr.Peter Sage
Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School


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25th July,2024(Thu)9:00am~10:00am【Online Seminar】


Pre-registration is not necessary


James Wing(Human Single Cell Immunology Team)


※This is a credit recognition seminar for the Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs of the Graduate School of Medicine aduate School of Frontier Biosciences .


Dr. Peter Sage

Assistant Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

Dr. Sage started his independent laboratory in 2017 at the Transplant
Research Center in the Renal Division of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Dr. Sage’s laboratory focuses on studying how the immune system controls
antibody responses in settings of health and disease.
The Sage Laboratory is interested in understanding how follicular T cell
subsets such as Tfh and Tfr cells regulate B cell responses.
By understanding how the immune system controls antibody responses, new
therapeutics can be developed to enhance vaccine responses, limit
autoimmune disease progression, control antibody mediated rejection during solid organ transplantation, and limit allergic inflammation.

 【Biography】 https://sagelab.bwh.harvard.edu/about-the-sage-lab/
 【Biography】 https://dms.hms.harvard.edu/people/peter-sage
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