Division of Fostering Required Medical Human Resources

Infection Control Team


Status : Endowed Chair Assoc. Prof.
Research Field : Clinical Microbiology, Infection Control and Prevention

After graduating from Kobe University, I have been working in microbiology and infection control in the Clinical Laboratory Technology Department at Kobe City Nishi-Kobe Medical Center and Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital. I have been working to detect microorganisms from clinical specimens and report test results appropriately and promptly so that appropriate diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases can be made as quickly as possible. In particular, the fact that the early diagnosis of infectious diseases is possible through the utilization of microscopic examination techniques has been widely recognized in Japan and has become a cornerstone of Japan's infectious disease treatment policy. The Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine aims to develop human resources who can establish diagnostic techniques for infectious diseases that are more advanced than those currently available through the infection control system and who can treat emerging infectious diseases. Certified Infection Control Clinical Microbiological Technologist,Master of Health Sciences.
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Research Activities

・Development of a new clinical microbiology diagnostic system

・Development of new infection control systems


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