Division and Team

Division of Scientific Information and Public Policy

The team is composed of members from different organizations and fields, and collects and analyzes information necessary for risk assessment and policy evaluation, and carries out evidence-based policy making (EBPM) and information dissemination.
We will address Unexpected Health Issues (UHI), such as infectious diseases, which are difficult to predict in advance but have the potential to significantly damage physical and mental health, by integrating the humanities and sciences, and enhance the resilience of society against UHI.

Behavioral Public Policy Team

Information Analysis Team

Public Relation Team

Division of Microbiology and Immunology

For the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases, it is essential to elucidate the characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms and the host defense system against pathogens. In this division, we promote basic research aimed at fundamentally overcoming infectious diseases. In particular, we aim to elucidate not only the characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms, but also human host defense systems and immune response mechanisms against pathogenic microorganisms. To this end, we will promote comprehensive basic research and development across disciplines by bringing together microbiology researchers, immunology researchers, and clinical medicine researchers.

Human Single Cell Immunology Team

Regulation of Host Defense Team

Virus Control Team

Clinical Biotechnology Team

Division of Fostering Required Medical Human Resources

We educate medical professionals and those who will become medical professionals on the latest technology and knowledge of infectious disease control and testing, and cultivate future infectious disease control leaders and researchers developing new testing technology. We support healthcare workers to acquire the latest skills related to infection diseases. We will foster diverse human resources by preparing various educational contents. We will promptly and flexibly respond to required medical needs, and provide medical human resource education that is required at each time.

Specimen Analysis Team

Infection Control Team

Medical Informatics Team


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