The Nippon Foundation - Osaka University Project for Infectious Disease Prevention

In the fall of 2021, Osaka University and The Nippon Foundation launched a project promoting basic research on infectious diseases and their control. To prepare for another pandemic, protect all lives, and maintain social and economic activities, the project will facilitate infectious disease research, human resource development, the dissemination of information, and practical application of the results.

Outline of The Nippon Foundation - Osaka University Project for Infectious Disease Prevention

[Challenge 1]

Sustain Economic and Social Activity

[Challenge 2]

Prevent and Treat Infectious Diseases

[Challenge 3]

Avert Healthcare System Collapse

CiDER development at Osaka University to solve challenges

Action Plan 1

dissemination and
literacy improvement

Disseminate reliable information based on scientific evidence

●Policy analysis and proposals, dispatch of information (Japanese and English)

●Public seminars (10 times annually)

●Symposium (annual)

Action Plan 2

Establishment of
infectious disease
research base

Achieve successful results of basic research in order to quickly develop and deploy options for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc.

●Explication of principles of the human host defense system

●Explication of mechanisms for host defense responses to pathogens

●Basic research on pathogens and development of methods for their control

Trans-disciplinary research toward conquering infectious diseases (Knowledge platform : All-OsakaU Research)

Action Plan 3

Development of
human resources
for health

Education and training for healthcare workers and cultivation of leaders in infectious disease control

●Education, training etc. for 10,000 healthcare workers

●Overseas training for young doctors (annual)

●International forum on infection and immunity (annual)

●International symposium on frontier immunology (annual)


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