Division of Microbiology and Immunology

Virus Control Team


Status : Specially Appointed Assoc.Prof.
Research Field : Ph.D. in Virology (Medicine)

2008~ Ph.D. in VIrology from Osaka University (research about Hsp90 and HCV)
2010~ studied about the involvement of Hsp70 in Dengue/Zika Virus lifecycle at Stanford University.
2021~ present working on current projects.

Research Activities

・Working on virus-host interation research, especially tried to clarify the significance of protein quality control machinery for Flavivirus lifecycle.


1. Dolan P*, Taguwa S*, Rangel M, Acevedo A, Hagai T, Andino R,Frydman J,*Equal contribution. Principles of dengue virus evolvability derived from genotype-fitness maps in human and mosquito cells, bioRxiv. doi: Elife . 10:e61921. (2021)

2. Taguwa S, Yeh T, Rainbolt K, Nayak A, Shao H, Gestwicki J, Andino R, Frydman J, Dissection of Zika Virus Dependence on Host Hsp70 Provides a Therapeutic Strategy Protecting Animal Models from Infection and Disease, Cell Reports, 26(4):906-920 (2019)

3. Taguwa S, Maringer K, Li X, Bernal-Rubio D, Rauch J, Gestwicki J, Andino R, Fernandez-Sesma A, Frydman J, Defining Host Hsp70 Subnetworks in Dengue Virus Replication Reveals Key Vulnerability in Flavivirus Infection, Cell, 163(5):1108-1123, (2015)

4. Taguwa S, Kambara H, Fujita N, Noda T, Yoshimori T, Koike K, Moriishi K, Matsuura Y, Dysfunction of autophagy participates in vacuole formation and cell death in cells replicating hepatitis C virus, J Virol., 85;13185-13194 (2011)

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