Division of Fostering Required Medical Human Resources

Specimen Analysis Team


Status : Endowed Chair Assis. Prof.
Research Field : Pathology

After graduating from Osaka University, I am engaged in pathological diagnosis at Osaka University Hospital.
I also give a lecture on pathology at nursing schools in Osaka.
Board Certified Fellow of the Japanese Society of Pathology
Board Certified Fellow of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology

Research Activities

・Development of new sample analysis system

・Development of new sample management system


1. Hideshima M, Motoyama Y et al; A clinicopathological study of ALS with L126S mutation in the SOD1 gene presenting with isolated inferior olivary hypertrophy, Neuropathology, 40(2):191-195 2020

2. Tahara S, Motoyama Y et al; Serum deprivation-response protein regulates aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 through integrin-linked kinase signaling in endometrioid carcinoma cells. Cancer Sci, 110(5):1804-1813 2019

3. Motoyama Y et al; A case of Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumor after heart transplantation. Jap J Diag Pathol, 36(3): 242-247 2019

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