Division of Microbiology and Immunology

Human Single Cell Immunology Team

Søndergaard Jonas Nørskov

Status : Specially Appointed Assis. Prof.
Research Field : Human Single Cell Immunology

I am an Assistant Professor with combined experimental / bioinformatics skills essential for conducting, analyzing, and engineering complex biological experiments on a global scale. I hold an M.Sc. in bioengineering, a Ph.D. in immune regulation, and spent my postdoc years focusing on genome-wide regulation of biological systems by generating and analyzing multi-omics data. I am originally from Denmark, but so far, I have conducted research in five different countries (Japan, US, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden). I joined the human single cell immunology team at CIDER as an assistant professor in April 2021. My independent research line aims to employ multi-omics experimental techniques and computational algorithms to understand the immune system thoroughly, with a focus on discovering novel treatment strategies for infectious diseases.

Research Activities

・Rare immune cell profiling by integrated single cell transcriptomics and proteomics

・Single cell suppression profiling of human regulatory T cells

・Bioinformatics expert on additional collaborations


1. Søndergaard JN, Tulyeu J, Edahiro R, Shira Y, Yamaguchi Y, Murakami T, Morita T, Kato Y, Hirata H, Takeda Y, Okuzaki D, Sakaguchi S, Kumanogoh A, Okada Y, Wing J, “A sex-biased imbalance between Tfr, Tph, and atypical B cells determines antibody responses in COVID-19 patients”, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 120(4):e2217902120 (2023).

2. Søndergaard JN, Sommerauer C, Atanasoai I, Hinte L, Geng K, Guiducci G, Bräutigam L, Aouadi M, Stojic L, Barragan I, and Kutter C, “CCT3-LINC00326 axis regulates hepatocarcinogenic lipid metabolism”, Gut, 71:2081-2092 (2022).

3. Søndergaard JN, Geng K, Sommerauer C, Atanasoai I, Yin X, and Kutter C, ”Successful delivery of large-size CRISPR/Cas9 vectors in hard-to-transfect human cells using small plasmids”, Commun Biol 3(1), 319 (2020).

4. Schmied L, Luu TT, Søndergaard JN, Hald SH, Meinke S, Mohammad DK, Singh SB, Mayer C, Casoni GP, Chrobok M, Schlums H, Rota G, Truong HM, Westerberg LS, Guarda G, Alici E, Wagner AK, Kadri N, Bryceson YT, Saeed MB, Höglund P, “SHP-1 localization to the activating immune synapse promotes NK cell tolerance in MHC class I deficiency”, Sci Signal, 16(780):eabq0752 (2023).

5. Yamaguchi Y, Kato Y, Edahiro R, Søndergaard JN, Murakami T, Amiya S, Nameki S, Yoshimine Y, Morita T, Takeshima Y, Sakakibara S, Naito Y, Motooka D, Liu YC, Shirai Y, Okita Y, Fujimoto J, Hirata H, Takeda Y, Wing JB, Okuzaki D, Okada Y, Kumanogoh A. Consecutive BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination induces short-term epigenetic memory in innate immune cells. JCI Insight, 7(22):e163347 (2022).

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