Division of Microbiology and Immunology

Human Single Cell Immunology Team

Søndergaard Jonas Nørskov

Status : Specially Appointed Assis. Prof.
Research Field : Human Single Cell Immunology

The goal of my research career has always been to find a way to engineer our cells in order to treat incurable diseases so that we can help the people who needs it the most. I am an Assistant Professor with combined experimental/bioinformatics skills essential for understanding, analyzing, and conducting complex biological experiments on a global scale. I hold an M.Sc. in bioengineering, a Ph.D. in immune regulation, and I have conducted two postdoctoral fellowships focused on genome-wide regulation of biological systems. I am orginally from Denmark, but so far I have conducted research in five different countries (Japan, US, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden).

Research Activities

・Original Research Project: Redirecting the Global Immune Response with CD4+ T cells (RedirecT)

・Collaborative Effort: Single-Cell Proteomics of COVID Patients

・Bioinformatics expert on additional collaborations


1. Søndergaard JN, Geng K, Sommerauer C, Atanasoai I, Yin X, and Kutter C, ”Successful delivery of large-size CRISPR/Cas9 vectors in hard-to-transfect human cells using small plasmids”, Commun Biol 3(1), 319 (2020)

2. Das Mahapatra K, Pasquali L, Søndergaard JN, Lapins J, Nagy I, Baltás E, Kemény L, Moldovan L-I, Kjems J, Kutter C, Sonkoly E, Kristensen LS, and Pivarcsi A, “A comprehensive analysis of coding and non-coding transcriptomic changes in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma”, Sci Rep 10(1), 3637 (2020).

3. Søndergaard JN, van Heeringen S, Looman MWG, Tang C, Triantis V, Louche P, Janssen-Megens EM, Smid M, Martens JWM, Logie C, Stunnenberg HG, Ansems M, and Adema GJ, “Dendritic cells actively limit IL-10 production under inflammatory conditions via DC-SCRIPT and DUSP4”, Front Immunol 9, 1-13 (2018).

4. Søndergaard JN, Poghosyan S, Hontelez S, Louche P, Looman MWG, Ansems M, and Adema GJ, “DC-SCRIPT regulates IL-10 production in human dendritic cells via modulation of NF-κBp65 activation“, J Immunol 195(4), 1498-1505 (2015).

5. bioinfomatics scripts available here:

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