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IKEDA Yoichi

Status : Prof.
Research Field : Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Born in Osaka(1982).
Depertment of Physics, Osaka University (Ph. D in Physics).
Postdoc at Tokyo University, Tokyo Insititute of Technology (JSPS) and RIKEN.
Specially appointed assistant professor at Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University.
Associate Professor at Kyushu University.
Specialy appointed associate professor at CiDER, Osaka University.
Professor at CiDER, Osaka University(Since April 2022).

Research Activities

・Hadron interactions, structures and reactions based on quantum chromodynamics.

・Machine learning approach to analyze scattering amplitudes in hadron reactions.

・Analyses of transmission of infectious diseases using mathematical models.


1. Takashi Nakano, Yoichi Ikeda, ''Novel Indicator to Ascertain the Status and Trend of COVID-19 Spread: Modeling Study'', J Med Internet Res 2020;22(11):e20144 (2020).

2. Denny Lane B. Sombillo, Yoichi Ikeda, Toru Sato, Atsushi Hosaka, ''Classifying the pole of an amplitude using a deep neural network'', Phys. Rev. D 102, no. 1, 016024 (2020).

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4. Y. Ikeda, T. Hyodo and W. Weise, ''Chiral SU(3) theory of antikaon-nucleon interactions with improved threshold constraints'', Nucl. Phys. A881, pp. 98 -- 114 (2012).

5. Yoichi Ikeda, Hiroyuki Kamano and Toru Sato, ''Energy Dependence of $\bar{K}N$ Interactions and Resonance Pole of Strange Dibaryons'', Prog. Theor. Phys. 124, pp. 533 -- 539 (2010).

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