Division of Fostering Required Medical Human Resources

Medical Informatics Team

FUJII Tomomi

Status : Endowed Chair Assoc. Prof.
Research Field : Pathology, Clinical laboratory medicine

I graduated from Oita University School of Medicine. After my initial training at Osaka University Hospital and Nippon Seimei Hospital, I became a member of the Department of Pathology, Nara Medical University school of Medicine, where I was engaged in pathological diagnosis and research. After working at the Department of Diagnostic Pathology of Nara Medical University, I was transferred to the Department of Transformative Medical Information System Development (Nippon Foundation), Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University in July 2023. My aim is to utilize my experience in clinical laboratory and molecular pathology research to create a system environment that discerns the importance of standardized specimen handling, work environment, and appropriate storage of specimens from clinical specimens, through clinical laboratory testing and pathology diagnosis, to genetic analysis. Board of Clinical laboratory medicine, Board of Pathology and Molecular pathology, Board of Cytology.

Research Activities

・Establishment of a specimen management system that is efficiently linked to clinical information from the perspective of medical information.

・Establishment of an environment for effective utilization of valuable specimen resources in medical research.


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