Division of Scientific Information and Public Policy

Behavioral Public Policy Team


Status : Specially Appointed Assis. Prof.
Research Field : Clinical Psychology, Psychosomatic Medicine, Liaison Psychiatry

I have been conducting basic and clinical research under the motto, "Using psychology to contribute to people's health and happiness.". My areas of specialization are clinical psychology, psychosomatic medicine, and liaison psychiatry, with a focus on stress response and psychological characteristics (especially psychological trauma). I was a 6th fellow of the Japan Biodesign Program, a US-Japan collaborative educational program for medical device development, and am also highly interested in the social implementation of psychology.

Research Activities

・At this center (CiDER), I participate in projects as a member of the Human Science Unit, in addition, am conducting research on a psychological intervention program for people after suffering from emerging infectious diseases such as the COVID-19.

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