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Status : Specially Appointed Prof.
Research Field : Solid State Physics

I am a Kansai person born and raised in Tokyo. My body doesn't contain any blood from eastern Japan, but I grew up in Tokyo until college. I got into physics when I was in high school and have majored in physics since then. Recently, I realized the importance of the high school connection business. The goal is to change the current efficiency-oriented education method, extend the characteristics of each individual, and promote education that recognizes that it is important to think for yourself.

Research Activities

・Condenced Matter Physics in High-Magunetic Field

・Development of an educational system in collaboration with high school and university


1. Field-induced destruction of heavy fermion state in URu2Si2. K.Sugiyama, H.Fuke, K.Kindo, K.Shimohata, A.A.Menovsky, J.A.My-dosh and M.Date: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. Vol.59, no.9, (1990) 3331-9.

2. Metamagnetic transition in UPt3 studied by high-field magnetization and de Haas van Alphen experiments. K.Sugiyama, M.Nakashima, D.Aoki, K.Kindo, N.Kimura, H.Aoki,T.Komatsubara, S.Uji, Y.Haga, E.Yamamoto, H.Harima and Y.Onuki; Phys. Rev. B vol.60, (1999) 9248-9251.

3. Field-induced metallic state in YbB12 under high magnetic field. K.Sugiyama, M.Date, F.Iga, M.Kasaya, and T.Kasuya: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. Vol.57, No.11, (1988) 3946-53.

4. Magnetism and high-field magnetization of RCu2. K.Sugiyama, T.Yamamoto, N.Nakamura, K.Kindo, R.Settai, Y.Onuki; J. Magn. Magn. Mat. 262 (2003), 389-398.

5. 世界適塾の教育研究力を活かした SEEDS プログラム ~傑出した科学技術人材発見と早期育成~ 杉山清寛 生産と技術  Vol.69 (2017) 119-122.

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