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Behavioral Public Policy Team

Unit Leader

Deputy Divisional Director


Status : Prof.
Research Field : Social Psychology

Since the beginning of my studies in social psychology, my research interest has always been in elucidating the mechanisms by which communication and interaction create new "something". For this purpose, I am interested in decision-making and creativity as outputs, as well as emotional expression and interpersonal networks in the process, and I am currently focusing on online situations via the Internet. My research methods include quantitative text analysis of large-scale log data from social media and randomized controlled experiments using the Web, and I often combine multiple methods such as laboratory experiments and social surveys. Over the years, I have also been actively involved in collaborations with other fields such as informatics, engineering, political science, and business administration. For me, research activities are also a practice of my own research interests.

Research Activities

・As exemplified by the case of the new coronavirus infection, unexpected health issue (UHI) has "situational power" that can change society. We will elucidate the extent to which this power extends from a social psychological perspective.

・We will conduct longitudinal social sensing of people's knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to infectious diseases and physical and mental health using two methods: 1) a web survey (panel survey and international comparison survey) targeting a large sample, and 2) SNS log analysis.

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