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Team Leader

Team Leader

MATSUURA Yoshiharu

Status : Specially Appointed Prof.
Research Field : Virology

Dr. Matsuura received his PhD from Hokkaido University and worked at Research Institute of Daiichi Seiyaku Co. Ltd for . He was appointed Professor in RIMD in 2000 after working at NERC Institute of Virology in Oxford University as a postdoctoral fellow and at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases as a head of Laboratory of Hepatitis Viruses in Department of Virology II. He served as Director of RIMD from 2015-2019.He serves as Director of CiDER from 2021.

Research Activities

・Disease prediction through understanding host-virus interactions, Moonshot project

・Establishment of efficient HBV proliferative cell and animal model systems for development of HBV therapeutics, AMED HBV

・Development of a new coronavirus vaccine, AMED Cicle project 

・Significance of HCV capsid cleavage by SPP, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)

・Evaluation of drug efficacy of VLPs, Team Handai

・Mechanism of antiviral mode of new disinfectantsm, Louis Pasteur Research center grant.


1. Establishment of a reverse genetics system for SARS-CoV-2 using circular polymerase extension reaction. Torii S., et al., Cell Reports (2021) 35(3):109014.

2. Various miRNAs compensate the role of miR-122 on HCV replication. Ono C., et al., PLoS Pathog. (2020) 16(6):e1008308.

3. Host ESCRT factors are recruited during chikungunya virus infection and are required for the intracellular viral replication cycle. Torii S., et al., J Biol Chem. (2020) 295(23):7941-7957.

4. In vivo dynamics of reporter Flaviviridae viruses. Tamura T., et al., J Virol. (2019) 93(22):e01191-19.

5. USP15 participates in HCV propagation through the regulation of viral RNA translation and lipid droplet formation. Kusakabe S., et al., J Virol. (2019) 93(6):e01708-18.

6. Infection with flaviviruses requires BCLXL for cell survival. Suzuki T., et al., PLoS Pathog. (2018) 14(9):e1007299.

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