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Medical Informatics Team


Status : Endowed Chair Assoc. Prof.
Research Field : Medical Informatics, Laboratory Informatics

After graduating from Osaka University College of Bio-Medical Technology, I worked as a clinical laboratory technologist at a private hospital and studied about bioengineering, communication technology and security at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology. Subsequently, I have been engaged in research on medical informatics at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and operation and management of hospital information systems at Osaka University Hospital. In the Osaka Clinical Research Network (OCR-net), I am in charge of building and managing the multicenter clinical research support system, as well as designing and managing the network infrastructure and security of the system in general. In the future, I plan to develop an infectious disease information collection system and a specimen management system related to clinical research. Qualifications: Registered Information Security Specialist, Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Senior Healthcare Information Technologist.

Research Activities

・Development and operation of a multicenter clinical research support system

・Development and utilization of clinical laboratory standard codes

・Development of sample information management system


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