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Team Leader


Status : Prof.

I have been involved in research on the convarescent patients recovering from COVID-19, a registry study to collect patient information, and the development of a therapeutic agent called plasma therapy for recovering patients. In recent years, the importance of proper use of antimicrobial agents has increased due to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, and the demand for infectious disease specialists has been rising. In addition, during the COVID-19 epidemic, there were many medical institutions that did not have infectious disease specialists who should have been leaders in hospital care. Under these circumstances, the training of infectious disease specialists is an urgent issue. In addition to infectious disease specialists, medical personnel engaged in infectious disease treatment and infection control, such as infection control nurses, bacteriological technicians, and pharmacists, are needed more than ever. We will train the next generation of leaders in infectious disease treatment and infection control, and contribute to infection control in the region, Japan, and the world.

Research Activities

・COVID-19; convarescent plasma therapy, Long-COVID

・vector-borne infectious diseases

・Hospital acquired infectious diseases


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