Division of Microbiology and Immunology

Human Single Cell Immunology Team

Team Leader

Team Leader

WING James Badger

Status : Assoc.Prof.
Research Field : Single cell immunology

I am originally from the UK and, as part of my early career training in infectious diseases, I became interested in how the immune system regulates antibody responses. Antibodies are critical to the fight against infection but can also cause autoimmunity. 10 years ago, I moved to Japan join the laboratory of Shimon Sakaguchi, who discovered regulatory T-cells, which are the cells most critical to the control of the immune system. With his kind guidance I was able to focus on a new type of Treg, T-follicular regulatory cell, that controls antibody responses. This cell is important to control both vaccine responses and viral infections. More recently I was lucky enough to be able to open a new laboratory that focuses on the use of mass cytometry, a technology that allows us to investigate the biology of millions of immune cells in detail. I would like to humbly thank everyone for their kind support and using these new technologies I hope to contribute to the fight against infectious diseases.

Research Activities

・Single cell immunology of infectious disease patients

・Single cell immunology of vaccine responses

・Regulation of antibody responses by T-follicular regulatory cells


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